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Registration saves you a place in the class with early receipt of class information. It does not commit you to attend or pay fees. You are encouraged to make a tentative reservation at least 3 weeks before the course (sooner is better) to let ATI know that you would like to attend.

You will receive a status email with course information when we receive your registration and a course confirmation email with hotel information when the course has the required number of students (normally 2 to 3 weeks before the course). Before booking your travel, please verify that space is available in the course you have selected. ATI is not responsible for non-refundable air tickets or other expenses you may incur.

Please submit the form now electronically (or by fax) to reserve a place in the seminar. Please be sure to include the PRIORITY CODE from the back cover of your catalog. If you do not hear from us within 7 days, please call ATI at 410-956-8805 to confirm it was received.

You may also print this form if you need a printed registration form to submit to your training department.

You may register by phone at 410-956-8805 or 888-501-2100.

To check on the date and location of any course please see our current schedule of ATI courses before registering.

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