Electronic Protection and Electronic Attack

Course length:

3 Days



Course dates

  • Jun 27 2023

    3 days, 08:30 AM EDT - 04:30 PM EDT
    • $2,190.00 excl.
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This three-day course addresses the key elements of electronic attack (EA) and electronic protection (EP). This includes EA/ECM principles, philosophies, and strategies; basic radar systems and waveforms; the radar range equation and how to manipulate it to derive basic noise and deception jamming equations; electronic attack techniques and waveform generation; electronic protection techniques; threat system analyses; applications to communication and infra-red countermeasures concepts; and testing and evaluation methods and limitations.

What You Will Learn:

  • ES, EW, and ELINT receiver architectures and techniques
  • Radar range equation, sensitivity, detection, Pd and Pfa
  • Direction finding and location
  • Electronic attack techniques
  • Fundamental ECM principles
  • Basic jamming equations and J/S
  • Interactions between electronic attack and electronic protection

From this course you will obtain knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals and principals of electronic attack and electronic protection.

Course Outline:

  1. EW Basic Concepts and Terminology
    • Signals and the electromagnetic environment
    • Electromagnetic propagation
    • Antennas used for EW and radar
    • Solid state power electronics
    • Radar systems, Radar Basics… Need to understand what to Jam!
  2. Basic Radar Systems
    • Types of radars Modern Radar Trends, Pulse Environment / Pulse Density, Modern Radars
    • Weapons, the Signal Environment & Integrated Weapon Systems
    • Target Acquisition and Guidance Techniques / Technologies
    • Doppler processing; threat radars; radar cross section (RCS); stealth; radar and EW link equations; integrated air defense systems
  3. Radar and Communications Systems
    • Russian and Chinese radar systems; communication systems; communications electronic protection (EP); signals intelligence (SIGINT)
  4. EW Receiver Types and Characteristic
    • Electronic warfare support; types of EW receivers; radar warning receivers (RWR); EW receiver characteristics
  5. EW Processing and Electronic Attack (EA)
    • EW receiver characteristics; EW signal processing; emitter location techniques; Electronic Attack (EA): Denial EA (Noise), Deception EA (False Targets
    • Basic Noise Jamming Equations, Noise Techniques, Search Radar Jamming Process, Noise EA Analysis Examples
  6. Specialized EA and Electronic Protection (EP)Technologies
    • Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFMs)
    • Expendables: chaff, flares, anti-radiation missiles (ARM), decoys, EP


Dr. Clayton Stewart has over 30 years of experience performing across the spectrum of research direction, line management, program management, system engineering, engineering education, flight operations, and research and development. He has had extensive involvement at all levels as Technical Director, Principal Investigator, Operations Manager, Director of Research, Program Manager, Associate Professor, Chief Scientist, Systems Analyst, Member of the Technical Staff, and Aircrew Member.


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