Residential Noise Cancellation

Active cancellation probably won’t work. You need a clearly definable source, a point source preferable. It might be difficult to say where the source is in a house. Also, the cancellation only works on a small area where the listener stays put. That’s why it works in cars, however, you need a noisy car. Lotus […]
Active cancellation probably won’t work. You need a clearly definable source, a point source preferable. It might be difficult to say where the source is in a house. Also, the cancellation only works on a small area where the listener stays put. That’s why it works in cars, however, you need a noisy car. Lotus cars had a system for cars but in their demo’s they would rent a cheap car. It was a system that plugged into the radio. The active cancellation head phones work because they only have to cancel at your ear, a small area. I like masking. It’s low cost and small portable systems are readily available. Otherwise one could purchase an active cancellation head phone but that wouldn’t’ be comfortable to sleep with. Roger Roger Anderson ANV, LLC Engineering Services and Instrumentation for Acoustics, Noise & Vibration P.O. Box 100 Carver, MN 55315-0100

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  1. May be too late to post to this, but here it is anyway! FYI, we purchased the best Bose noise-cancelling headset and the lfn penetrated, or actually amplified, what we believe the noise source (also causing foundation vibration) coming from the local utilities water processing plant blowers, pump(s), or lime (elevators?). We returned it the next day. We moved from that house to escape it. No one else heard it.
    Can you advise what “masking” equipment you refer to? We hear both lfn and a high frequency whining in our present home, different side of same town. Again we believe it has to do with the utilities but they disclaim it has to do with them. This town, Titusville, Fl, has a large north water processing plant, a water storage facility (large) possibly also processing, but they deny there are any pumps there, plus various “pump stations” and an up in the air water tower. Is there any way to mask this acoustical/resonating/whining noise? Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you, Barbara Wardle

    1. Barb, If you move to GA there are tons of hum reprots there. I don’t know how to paste my map here, but you can go on Hum Forum- yahoo, join, then go the files section and find my map. Handle is copsne (citizens oversight of pipleine systems Northeast) I’ll copy the email link above and send a copy to it.
      Any octave analyzer or FFT analyzer on line will work. Thing is if you aren’t technical, using it for real data collecting may be difficult. SO, download a simple 1/3 octave analyzer called Spectro Octave Analyzer 2 (~10$). Mic and laptop needed. Check your system operating system for capatibility (doesn’t work on windows 7). If you measure and see very high bars that seem oddly out of place, below 60hz thats the indicator of low frequency problems. You can 5 miles from your home and especially if it’s torwards teh gsa lines it will worsen. Outside levels even though you don’t hear it outside are highest. Inside where you hear there is some lesser amplitude. Take it to wher you want to move after you get a feel in FL.

      1. Hi Steve, wanted U to know I am seeing this msg 10:20 PM 5/11. Will show to my hubby & go from there. Thank you.

  2. Barb, you got to get acoustic testing software and set up a grid (20 miles in every direction) and find the highest level epicenter location.


    1. Hi Steve, I am interested in doing what you suggest but have not a clue if I, or we, are capable of performing such. Pam that wrote a blog several months ago from same town never has appeared on the site again. I was hoping to contact her to see if our noises/vibrations matched. Will check on the testing software & let you know if successful. We are looking to move to escape it-but to GA, if we are sure similar issues are not there. Cannot understand why no one else hears it when it is destroying our quality of life and we are sick at heart at leaving a home we love. Can get away from it when visit my daughter in Tampa-which is a much larger city, which means they have noise under control,as Titusville does not. Thank you for responding to me, didn’t expect you too. B

  3. STEVE, don’t know if you will see this but will post anyway. We went to GA twice to look for homes 15-30 smiles SO. & West of Atlanta & it was hopeless. Also in NW & SW of FL, except a little town named Hilliard. That undefineable noise all over, but vibration only in motels we stayed in GA. Still no resolution. We are now looking up in Flagler County, FL, near to canals or intracoastal. One trip proved pretty quiet in one home in Palm Coast, away from shopping/industrial areas. Soon we will investigate some canal homes. Have posted trying to find others in Titusville, Fl area, with no results, except Pam, who never got back on site.
    Hubby so fed up with it (enraged) that I can’t get him to investigate. I will try to download and figure out how to use the Spectro Octave Analyzer 2 you gave me info for. Has to be cheep!! Hope you see this! Otherwise, I think I have your email & will send it via that. Don’t think I covered all I wanted to-I am sick at heart (truly) and find it hard to even discuss this anymore. Blasted authorities know what this is (even if multiple sources) but could care less. I pray their ears hear it fully one day & they regret not doing something about it when they had the chance. The money grubbers will win!

    1. I am here? Talking with news today (finally got a reproter that has some balls). Unfortuantely you are sensitzed to the LFN. An aquaintence told me his neighbor in West Hartford CT rents a house and a prospective renter testd for LFN and like my testing at my aquaintences house, extremee levels. The renter did not rent the home and explainined the LFN as the problem. I wish I knew who she was, but privacy stuff…

      1. Aware of being sensitized to LFN. Bad news that. Hubby worked in sonar and he calls it “sound recognition”. Once get it, don’t lose. We’ve been telling realtors about our noise/vibration issues & they are very understanding & don’t think it is quirky. Take us to an area, let us listen, & then try other areas. We’ve yet to decide on Palm Coast, Fl. Have to sell present home. Please post results of reporter interview. Pray heartily it is successful getting the word out to general public.

        1. google – New Haven Register- Brookfield homeowner…..You’ll see the article and videos. I wish it went more into the HUM, but I’ll take any publicity to stimulate the subject. I do have a couple of people effected that are going to other papers about how teh hum is ruining their lives. Maybe some traction. FERC and CT DEEP have taken notice.

          1. Steve, this action would lead me to think this guy was on to something. I don’t know what FERC and CT DEEP is. Maybe I’m better off not knowing, but what the heck, what are they?

          2. Steve I just looked up ferc & ct deep. Well, these federally run groups will do everything they can to keep the public from finding out what these noises are. We’re better off just living with these noises at all cost. I’ve got better things to do than combat our government. They are in control.

    2. I’m following. Unfortunately you have been sensitized to the LFN which seems to be common with us hearers. I have an interview with news paper today. A different one than the one I was trying to get for the last year. Needs public exposure and pressure to get an investigation into the phenomena started, consiering what I have discovered..

    3. Barbara, Rick here in California. I might suggest you and your husband on your search for a new place to live take a look around and see how many antennas you see for cell phones and all the other little toys people seem to think they need. These antennas are installed by the phone companies and can be very well hidden amongst trees and buildings. My guess is this is where all this interference/noise is generated from, (with all due respect to Steve who has done alot of research on this dilema we are in). Please read all my previous post on this subject. Also, please drive carefully while looking around.

      1. hi Rick, thanks for your msg. There actually are a lot of towers/antennas in Titusville, Fl but supposedly they do not have much noise output, and that is limited to certain area within the towers. I’ve listened to many recordings and none replicate the noise we hear, or match the vibrations in our home. Here is a link to find licensed/unlicensed towers/antennas:
        I think I have others but lose my reply if go back to retrieve from favorites. Also thru these issues have found an extensive site dealing with the electro magnetic radiation/electrosmog. I will get the site address & input on this site. That man has done extensive recordings of various EMR sources. We’ve had our power company send out an engineer and he said that if what we are hearing/feeling was electrical, we’d be fried. We definitely associate our problems as mechanical, either public water utilities, or the massive amount of pools, sprinkler system pumps, industrial equipment from nearby shopping areas, “Y”, apt. complexes, etc. If not any of that, we don’t have a clue as we found it just about anywhere we went. Even in rural homes with septic tanks & wells. Definitely environmental, airborne or groundborne….????? Does not match natural gas pipe compressor noise – but not sure at all that it could be the acoustical airborne waves or groundborne vibration from such. In hope that Steve solves this part of the destructive mystery. I have read all your posts-all the posts on this site actually. Amazing that with so much input, there is no arrow pointing to firm cause(s).

        1. Here is the Electrosmog site provided by a man who has suffered greatly, along with all the members of his family from this environmental plague. Go thru page by page as it is loaded with information, much way beyond my ken. He also is a huge horse fan and I found these pages to be a relief from the LFN stress.

          1. The bee point matches work I have done with communication frequencies of the honey bee. They communicate at 18 and 254 hz. The second most predominent frequency here is 18 hz. We have no honey bees and only bumbles. PS- I will review his article on the hoofs as we are lucky to be associated with a very successful thorobred owner. We’ve won the Belmont Stks, Fl Derby, etc , and just missed the KY Derby win. So now that I’ve mentioned that, I wonder what the ILFN from teh gas lines is doing to the horses over at Palm Meadows near Wellington….

  4. Barbara, Thanks for links. I’m not one to be startled but when I went to antennasearch I was startled at the number of antennas/towers that are within a 4 mile radius of our house. As I have mentioned before, when you add these to the satelites, all military, uhf, vhf, am, fm, ham, police band, private, unknown and experimental (Harpp) frequency bands, we are totally saturated with this stuff. There has to be a point where overly saturated areas are creating these noises we hear. I mean think about twenty years ago if these waves were visable all we could see was light blue everywhere. Today because of the amount of saturation we have everything would be bright yellow and the areas where a lot of waves cross each other would be bright white and hard to look at, hence atmosphere disturbance. Anyway, thats the best scenario I can think of. I’m no expert on this type of stuff obviously, but something has to be generated by all this technology and I think we are hearing it. Oh, also Seahorsecorral has more information than I could ever read. But I get the message. Right here is about the most time I spend in a day in front of a PC and I very seldom use a cell phone and I have none of the hand held toys they sell today so I feel pretty much exempt from what he is talking about. Anyway I’ll keep checking back to see how you and Steve are doing on this.

    1. Right after the article mentioned below in the news, the hum has dropped off.. I am sure temporarily…. There’s a guy in Massena NY that was effected by the hum and due to his endeavors to expose it was hauled away to the psych ward. This is a real problem.

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