Aircraft Design: Configuration Layout, Loft, & CAD

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1 Day



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Come take the Advanced Follow-On Course for Dr. Raymer’s popular 5-day Aircraft Design Short Course. Developed for those who, like Raymer, actually work in new aircraft configuration layout, this class in configuration Layout and Loft provides an expert’s insight into the subject covering topics such as fuselage layout for minimum drag and cost, wing layout for optimal aerodynamics, and the classical lofting methods upon which current practice is based. The class also discusses modern lofting mathematics as used in Computer-Aided Design systems, and includes advice on the best way to use CAD for aircraft concept design. Topics include:


  • Quickly Getting The Design Started
  • Configuration Design Graphical Techniques
  • Wing & Tail Layout Including Airfoil Interpolation & Flat Wrap
  • Aircraft Lofting Methods & Mathematics
  • Computer-Aided Configuration Design
  • Analytical Geometry, Conics, Splines, Fairing, Bsplines, Nurbs, Surface Fitting, Curve Smoothing, & Parametric Surface Patches

 (While normally taught over a two-day period with review of critical material from the 5-day class, this class is sometimes presented as a 1-day intensive course. Check the class announcement for specifics.)

Course Outline:


  • The Profession Of Design
  • Design Case Study
  • Required Requirements
  • Layout: Step By Step
  • Analytical Geometry For Aircraft Loft
  • Fuselage Layout & Conics loft


  • Wing / Tail Layout
  • Landing Gear Layout
  • Mensuration
  • Computer Graphics Mathematics
  • Geometric Representation
  • Survey Of CAD Programs
  • Computer-Aided Conceptual Design


Daniel P. Raymer is President of the design and consulting company, Conceptual Research Corporation. He is a recognized expert in the areas of Aerospace Vehicle Design and Configuration Layout, Computer-aided Design Methodologies and Design Education. Dr. Raymer is an AIAA Fellow and the 2010 recipient of the AIAA Aircraft Design Award. During his 10 years in the Advanced Design Department of Rockwell (North American Aviation) he conceived and did the layout design of Rockwell’s entries in what became the F-22, B-2, and T-45 programs. Raymer was Head of Air Vehicle Design for X-31 during the conceptual design phase, taking it from “blank sheet of paper”? to the preliminary design baseline configuration virtually identical to the airplane that flew. His industry career includes positions as Director-Advanced Design with Lockheed, Director-Future Missions at the Aerojet Propulsion Research Institute, and Project Manager-Engineering at Rockwell North American Aviation where he was named Rockwell Engineer of the Year. He also served as a research engineer and aerospace design consultant for the RAND Corporation. As President of Conceptual Research Corporation, he develops aerospace vehicle concepts ranging from hybrid airships to electric light aircraft to jet trainers to reusable launch vehicles. He consults on various design-related topics, and codes the RDSwin Aircraft Design and Analysis software. He’s the author of Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach, Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders, and Living in the Future: The Education and Adventures of an Advanced Aircraft Designer. His next book is called The Engineer’s Field Guide to Management and Business


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