Commercialism: ATI expects instructors to present material that contains useful technical and scientific information, which is noncommercial in nature. ATI policy states: “No ATI short course or workshop shall contain materials or verbal references that will have the effect of unfairly influencing the decision of an attendee to purchase a specific product.” Background Knowledge: Please conform your course presentation to the knowledge level and background requirements stated in your course description. Do not overestimate the audience’s background knowledge, especially if you are teaching a basic course. If you will be using equations, limit the number and be sure to discuss their implications. Follow Your Plan: The course description that is published in the Advance Program is what the attendees will be expecting from your class. Reference it often to be sure that you’ll be meeting the learning outcomes that you stated. Gauge Your Time: Accurately gauge the amount of time needed to present your material and plan accordingly. Common short course criticisms are that “the instructor went too fast” and that “there was too much material for the time allowed.” Be sure to leave time for questions and class discussion. Breaks: Any course scheduled for 6 or more hours will include a 1 hour lunch break in addition to the morning and afternoon breaks.  

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